Sunday, February 9, 2014

Guardian Service Ware

I admit it, I'm a bit of a fanatic when it comes to vintage kitchen items.  I squeal with delight whenever I find a piece of Pyrex, Jadeite, Fiesta or any other neat looking little piece or doodad in my price range.  My cabinets are bursting at the seams, but I am proud as a peacock of my collection.  But there's one thing that I've been dying to collect, and that's Guardian Service Ware:

Just look at it.  What a beauty!  My grandma had a set of these and she cooked the most delicious meals in them.  I'll never be as good a cook as she was, but I'm convinced I could be better if I had me a set of these lovelies.  

So yesterday I was out perusing the flea markets and antique malls, and just lookie what I found!

She had three other friends with her, but at $24.75 a pop, I only got her.  I'm seriously considering going back and picking up the others in the near future, though.  My spendthrift ways are strong, but they don't always win out. 

So does anyone else collect these?